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What is Zeuss World Genesis?
On a hot summer day, a tall, anthropomorphic cat like creature roams his territory. He is parched, and on the search for anything to quench his thirst. As he roams through the forest, he stumbles upon an enclosed case. As he opens the case, a beaker with a radioactive liquid containing strange substances lights up the whole forest. Desperate, he chugs the contents of the beaker. Immediately…BOOM! He can feel the liquid and all of the contents racing through his veins. As he holds the beaker he sees his reflection and realizes nothing will ever be the same again. He takes a look around the forest and sees he is in a totally new world. Dr. Zeuss is born, and is here to roam his new kingdom, Zeuss World! Dr. Zeuss is accompanied by 7,777 other beasts terrorizing the Ethereum blockchain.


Mint Date: September 17 @ 9:00pm EST
Collection: 7777 pieces
Mint Price: .065 ETH

ZJ Logo with glow.png









Collection Stats:
Heroic Juice: 975 total
Mystic Juice: 20 total

Legendary Juice: 5 total

What is Zeuss Juice?
1. Zeuss Juice will provide a FREE MINT to the Zeuss World Genesis Collection.

2. FREE Zeuss World merch drop.
3. Zeuss Juice will be the Zeuss World Genesis MUTATION.
4. Zeuss Juice will add a 1.5x multiplier Zeuss Bingo utility.

Mint Date: June 17 @ 9:00pm EST
Collection: 1000 pieces
Mint Price: .065 ETH

SOLD OUT-01.png
ZB Logo White.png
ZeussBingo-1 (1033 x 1189 px).png
ZeussBingo (1033 x 1189 px).png
ZeussBingo-1 (1033 x 1189 px).png

Mint Date: May 16 @ 9:00pm EST
Collection: 1000 pieces
Mint Price: .02 ETH

SOLD OUT-01.png

What is Zeuss Bingo?
Zeuss Bingo is a collection of 1000 unique bingo cards that are eligible for every Zeuss Bingo round. Broadcasted live on Twitter spaces, join Dr. Zeuss (@ZeussCapital on Twitter) and try your luck with HUGE prizes such as NFT's, crypto, and more!

How to play:
1. Join Zeuss World Discord & @ZeussCapital Twitter Spaces
2. Watch the discord #Bingo channel & listen on Twitter Spaces for the LIVE number calls.

Bingo Raffles:
When Dr. Zeuss is feelin' loose your card may just be the winner of a random raffle... only catch? You can't have your card listed UNDER .5 ETH or it won't qualify for the raffle and you'll make someone else's day 😉

Official Links:
 - Opensea Marketplace

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